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Michael Winterbottom

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I prefer to watch people.

— Michael Winterbottom

#people #prefer #watch

I still enjoy watching films more than making them.

— Michael Winterbottom

#films #i #making #more #still

I think it would be impossible if you had a name like mine not to get a little flack for it.

— Michael Winterbottom

#get #had #i #i think #impossible

I'm a fan of music from all over the world.

— Michael Winterbottom

#i #music #over #world

If you do a story about a British journalist rescuing a child from Sarajevo, then Sarajevo just becomes an exotic location, and the story's about this British journalist.

— Michael Winterbottom

#becomes #british #child #exotic #journalist

There's still a 1950s view of cinema, that there's one audience and they all want to see the same thing.

— Michael Winterbottom

#cinema #same #see #still #thing

When people approach me about my films it is usually to tell me how much they hate them.

— Michael Winterbottom

#approach #films #hate #how #me

When you start being enthusiastic about whatever it is you like, that is the golden age for you.

— Michael Winterbottom

#age #being #enthusiastic #golden #golden age

About Michael Winterbottom

Michael Winterbottom Quotes

Did you know about Michael Winterbottom?

Shot on digital video with non-professional actors who virtually lived out the events of the film its compelling sense of reality brought Winterbottom numerous awards including a Golden Bear and a BAFTA for best film not in the English language. The film is based on the true story of a British reporter Michael Nicholson who spirited a young orphan girl out of the war zone to safety in Britain. Written by Winterbottom and Laurence Coriat the film was shot a few weeks at a time over a five-year period from 2007-2012 to reflect the protagonist's time in prison and achieve an authentic aging process.

He began his career working in British television before moving into features. Winterbottom often works with the same actors; many faces can be seen in several of his films including Shirley Henderson Paul Popplewell John Simm Steve Coogan Raymond Waring and Kieran O' Brien.

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