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Nancy Meyers

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I don't shoot movies quickly because I get a lot of coverage and a lot of angles, so we have all the pieces in the editing. I do a lot of takes, but it's because I'm looking for something.

— Nancy Meyers

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I don't want to be known as the one who makes movies for older people.

— Nancy Meyers

#known #makes #movies #older #older people

I like to eat meals I will remember.Otherwise, what's the point?

— Nancy Meyers

#i #like #meals #otherwise #point

I really wanted to be a writer.

— Nancy Meyers

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Like most struggling writers trying to get their scripts commissioned, I had to do something odd to pay the rent. So, aged 21, I started up my own small cheesecake company in Philadelphia.

— Nancy Meyers

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My movies are not messed with by the studios.

— Nancy Meyers

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We don't want to be our own niche. We're filmmakers like everybody. How many years in a row are we going to talk about the fact that we make films and we are women? Enough already.

— Nancy Meyers

#already #enough #everybody #fact #filmmakers

About Nancy Meyers

Nancy Meyers Quotes

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7 million. 6 million in its opening weekend in the U. Written for and starring Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte the film was not well received by critics but grossed over $30 million in box-office receipts in the United States.

Her second film as director What Women Want (2000) was at one point the most successful film ever directed by a woman taking in $183 million in the United States. She is the writer producer and director of several big-screen successes including The Parent Trap (1998) Something's Gotta Give (2003) The Holiday (2006) and It's Complicated (2009). Nancy Jane Meyers (born December 8 1949) is an American film director producer and screenwriter.

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