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Nina Bawden

Read through the most famous quotes from Nina Bawden

I am not a victim. I am an angry survivor.

— Nina Bawden

#angry #i #i am #survivor #victim

All writers are liars. They twist events to suit themselves. They make use of their own tragedies to make a better story... They are terrible people.

— Nina Bawden

#events #liars #make #own #people

Children often have a much stronger concept of morality than adults.

— Nina Bawden

#concept #morality #much #often #stronger

I dislike the word 'victim.' I dislike being told that I 'lost' my husband - as if I had idly abandoned you by the side of the railway track like an unwanted pair of old shoes.

— Nina Bawden

#being #dislike #had #husband #i

I like stirring the pot - I think it's part of my duty, to shake people up a bit - make them look at things in a different way.

— Nina Bawden

#different #different way #duty #i #i think

I like writing for children. It seems to me that most people underestimate their understanding and the strength of their feelings and in my books for them I try to put this right.

— Nina Bawden

#children #feelings #i #like #me

I met Richard Burton, an RAF cadet on a two-term course. I would have flirted more enthusiastically if it had not been for the horrid boils on the back of his neck.

— Nina Bawden

#been #boils #burton #cadet #course

I wanted to be a war reporter - scrabbling around, exposing things. I didn't want to go to university, I wanted to get a job, but Auntie Beryl said I should go to Oxford.

— Nina Bawden

#exposing #get #go #i #job

I would hate to live in the country, unless I was living on a farm.

— Nina Bawden

#farm #hate #i #live #living

I've never found it made the slightest difference being a woman - though there is a sort of feeling that as you get older you're not so interesting.

— Nina Bawden

#difference #feeling #found #get #i

About Nina Bawden

Did you know about Nina Bawden?

Other awards runners up
1987 Shortlisted for the Booker Prize – Circles of Deceit
1995 Shortlisted for the WH Smith Mind-Boggling Book Award – The Real Plato Jones
1996 Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal – Granny the Pag

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Notes. In 2002 Bawden was badly injured in the Potters Bar rail crash in which her husband Austen Kark was killed. Her mother was a teacher and her father a member of the Royal Marines.

She is one of a select group to have both served as a Booker judge and made the shortlist as an author. Nina Bawden CBE FRSL JP (19 January 1925 – 22 August 2012) was a British novelist and children's writer. She was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1987 and the Lost Man Booker Prize in 2010.

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