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Orson Scott Card

Read through the most famous quotes from Orson Scott Card

You’re not a human being until you value something more than the life of your body. And the greater the thing you live and die for the greater you are.

— Orson Scott Card


Personal affection is a luxury you can have only after all your enemies are eliminated. Until then, everyone you love is a hostage, sapping your courage and corrupting your judgment.

— Orson Scott Card

#courage #enemies #hostage #luxury #courage

I will remember this, thought Ender, when I am defeated. To keep dignity, and give honor where it's due, so that defeat is not disgrace. And I hope I don't have to do it often.

— Orson Scott Card

#dignity #disgrace #honor #dignity

We're like the wicked witch. We promise gingerbread, then eat the little brats alive.

— Orson Scott Card

#coronal #ender-s #game #gingerberad #graff

I think you don't grow up until you stop worrying about other people's purposes or lack of them and find the purposes you believe in for yourself.

— Orson Scott Card

#ender #life-lessons #life

We care about moral issues, nobility, decency, happiness, goodness—the issues that matter in the real world, but which can only be addressed, in their purity, in fiction.

— Orson Scott Card

#literature #morality #on-fiction #nobility

It will hurt." said Petra. "But let's make the most of what we have, and not let future pain ruin present happiness.

— Orson Scott Card

#love #pain #shadow-puppets #love

So the whole war is because we can't talk to each other.

— Orson Scott Card

#war #communication

Every person is defined by the communities she belongs to.

— Orson Scott Card

#genealogy #persona #community

We thought we were the only thinking beings in the universe, until we met you, but never did we dream that thought could arise from the lonely animals who cannot dream each other's dreams

— Orson Scott Card

#science-fiction #dreams

About Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card Quotes

Did you know about Orson Scott Card?

) It was to be produced by Chartoff Productions and Card was writing the screenplay himself. In 2000 Card publiOrson Scott Cardd the first novel in The Women of Genesis series. Some comic book stores announced that they would boycott the comics though some will still order them on request.

He writes in several genres but is known best for science fiction. S. prizes in consecutive years.

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