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Peter Shaffer

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The trouble is if you don’t spend your life yourself, other people spend it for you.

— Peter Shaffer

#life-lessons #life

If London is a watercolor, New York is an oil painting.

— Peter Shaffer

#new #new york #oil #painting #watercolor

Goodness is nothing in the furnace of art.

— Peter Shaffer

#drama #morality #art

I looked on astounded as from his ordinary life he made his art. We were both ordinary men, he and I. Yet from the ordinary he created Legends--and I from Legends created only the ordinary!

— Peter Shaffer

#artistic-substance #mozart #musical-history #salieri #art

A child is born into a world of phenomena all equal in their power to enslave.

— Peter Shaffer


There is now, in my mouth, this sharp chain. And it never comes out.

— Peter Shaffer


I think I did have fantasies about being an actor. In fact, I know I did.

— Peter Shaffer

#actor #being #did #fact #fantasies

I really believe that studying organization, even in the form of studying detective story organization, is very, very valuable for a playwright, a budding playwright.

— Peter Shaffer

#budding #detective #detective story #even #form

And in fact, I think one of the best guides to telling you who you are, and I think children use it all the time for this purpose, is fantasy.

— Peter Shaffer

#children #fact #fantasy #guides #i

I think possibly the first film that has music as its leading character.

— Peter Shaffer

#film #first #i #i think #leading

About Peter Shaffer

Did you know about Peter Shaffer?

For writing the screenplay for Equus he was nominated for the 1977 Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar but the award went to Alvin Sargent who wrote the screenplay for Julia. He was educated at St Paul's School London and subsequently he gained a scholarship to Trinity College Cambridge to study history. It was revived by Massachusetts' Berkshire Theatre Festival in the summers of 2005 and 2007 by director Thea Sharrock at London's Gielgud Theatre in February 2007 and on Broadway (in the Sharrock staging) in September 2008.

Sir Peter Levin Shaffer (born 15 May 1926) is an English playwright and screenwriter of numerous award-winning plays several of which have been filmed.

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