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Phil Foglio

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Now I am in control!" He followed this statement with a burst of laughter that showed the owner had done a fair share of gloating in his time, and had the basics down pat.

— Phil Foglio

#humor #villians #humor

I didn't really think about becoming a professional artist until high school, when I realized that everything else required too much math.

— Phil Foglio

#artist #becoming #else #everything #high

I've also been busy doing stuff for Steve Jackson Games.

— Phil Foglio

#been #busy #doing #games #i

As it happened, I had a friend who was a good person who liked to present himself as a dreadful one. Using him as a role model, I created the first Buck Godot strip.

— Phil Foglio

#created #dreadful #first #friend #godot

One of the characteristics I cherish in my friends is their childlike gullibility, and several excited minutes were spent trying to actually find this book.

— Phil Foglio

#book #characteristics #cherish #childlike #excited

Why the hell can't people just write nice happy stories about people having happy sex? That's what I want, and I bet a whole bunch of other people want it too.

— Phil Foglio

#bet #bunch #happy #having #hell

If we had to go live action, I'd hold out for Tim Burton to direct.

— Phil Foglio

#burton #direct #go #had #hold

About Phil Foglio

Phil Foglio Quotes

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He eventually returned to the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago and continued fantasy and science fiction art. He attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago Illinois and was a member of the university's science fiction club art-directing & co-editing the group's fanzine Effen Essef. What's New with Phil & Dixie (comic strip) in Dragon Magazine #266–311 & 359 (2000s)
MythAdventures series of novels by Robert Lynn Asprin (illustrations) (Donning/Starblaze editions only):
Another Fine Myth ISBN 978-0-915442-54-6
Myth Conceptions ISBN 978-0-915442-94-2
Myth Directions ISBN 978-0-89865-250-5
Hit or Myth ISBN 978-0-89865-331-1
Myth-ing Persons ISBN 978-0-89865-379-3
Little Myth Marker ISBN 978-0-89865-413-4

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