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Pierre Bourdieu

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Practice has a logic which is not that of the logician.

— Pierre Bourdieu

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Symbolic violence is violence wielded with tacit complicity between its victims and its agents, insofar as both remain unconscious of submitting to or wielding it.

— Pierre Bourdieu

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Television enjoys a de facto monopoly on what goes into the heads of a significant part of the population and what they think.

— Pierre Bourdieu

#facto #goes #heads #into #monopoly

The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden.

— Pierre Bourdieu

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The most successful ideological effects are those which have no need for words, and ask no more than complicitous silence.

— Pierre Bourdieu

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The point of my work is to show that culture and education aren't simply hobbies or minor influences.

— Pierre Bourdieu

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About Pierre Bourdieu

Pierre Bourdieu Quotes

Did you know about Pierre Bourdieu?

However Bourdieu critically diverged from Durkheim in emphasizing the role of the social agent in enacting through the embodiment of social structures symbolic orders. In 1996 he received the Goffman Prize from the University of California Berkeley and in 2001 the Huxley Medal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. Bourdieu died of cancer at the age of 71.

A notable influence on Bourdieu was Blaise Pascal after whom Bourdieu titled his Pascalian Meditations. Starting from the role of economic capital for social positioning Bourdieu pioneered investigative frameworks and terminologies such as cultural social and symbolic capital and the concepts of habitus field or location and symbolic violence to reveal the dynamics of power relations in social life. He built upon the theories of Ludwig Wittgenstein Maurice Merleau-Ponty Edmund Husserl Georges Canguilhem Karl Marx Gaston Bachelard Max Weber Émile Durkheim Erwin Panofsky and Marcel Mauss.

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