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Raymond E. Feist

Read through the most famous quotes from Raymond E. Feist

Life is problems. Living is solving problems.

— Raymond E. Feist

#meaning-of-life #truth #life

Some loves come unbidden like winds from the sea, and others grow from the seeds of friendship.

— Raymond E. Feist


Sanity is all that stands between good and evil.

— Raymond E. Feist


But for the most part, love is a recognition, an opportunity to say, 'There is something about you I cherish.

— Raymond E. Feist

#love #love

The first love is the difficult love.

— Raymond E. Feist


Some love comes like the wind off the sea, while others grow slowly from the seeds of friendship and kindness." - Carline

— Raymond E. Feist

#friendzone #kindness #love #love-at-first-sight #friendship

Знаеш вече как да се смееш на смъртта, Арута - каза Амос. - Никога повече няма да си същият.

— Raymond E. Feist

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Often I'll try things that just won't happen the way I'd like them to, so hearing that they're not working saves me some wear and tear the next time around.

— Raymond E. Feist

#happen #hearing #i #just #like

One likes to think one grows as a writer as one ages, else all you get is an "old" young writer. Beyond that is the changing landscape of the universe and the stories I choose to tell.

— Raymond E. Feist

#beyond #changing #choose #else #get

The issue of the Betrayal was so central to that, I felt the need to comment upon it. My choices were to ignore the games and put them "outside" of continuity or to integrate them. I chose the latter.

— Raymond E. Feist

#central #choices #chose #comment #continuity

About Raymond E. Feist

Raymond E. Feist Quotes

Did you know about Raymond E. Feist?

Feist acknowledges that the Tekumel setting from M. Margaret Weis)
The Wood Boy (1998) in Legends (ed. Barker's Empire of the Petal Throne was the source for much of Kelewan.

Raymond Elias Feist (born Raymond E. He is best known for The Riftwar Cycle series of novels and short stories.

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