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Richard Dean Anderson

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I don't want to have children...I want to date them!

— Richard Dean Anderson


Being away from her is torturous and I'd much prefer to be with her. So I just try to get out of here as soon as I can. I make sure I do my job real well and fast.

— Richard Dean Anderson

#being #fast #get #her #here

Being a father, well, I don't know if this is a change, but it makes me want to get out of here faster. Get off the clock. Just 'cause the baby is my reason for living, my reason for coming to work.

— Richard Dean Anderson

#being #cause #change #clock #coming

I've also been working with the Challengers Club in the inner city of Los Angeles for 15 years now, I guess, and it's essentially an inner-city recreation club for boys and girls.

— Richard Dean Anderson

#angeles #been #boys and girls #city #club

Dogs are my favorite people.

— Richard Dean Anderson

#dogs #favorite #favorite people #people

So it allows me to travel, I'll be doing that and running these great rivers and doing what I've done in the past without much purpose other than for the experience.

— Richard Dean Anderson

#doing #done #experience #great #i

That was fun to play. There were some nice special effects coupled with some really nice moments with child and wife. I also was able to age to about 100 years in 'Brief Candle.'

— Richard Dean Anderson

#able #about #age #also #brief

Shanks and I tend to have a lot of fun. And, oh, any of The Simpsons' episodes are my favorites too.

— Richard Dean Anderson

#episodes #favorites #fun #i #lot

About Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson Quotes

Did you know about Richard Dean Anderson?

In 1997 Anderson returned to television as the lead actor of the series Stargate SG-1 a spin-off of the 1994 film Stargate. Awards

Filmography. Anderson has stated that this period was "the happiest of my life" and has expressed an interest in teaching juggling clowning and other circus arts to disadvantaged youths.

Anderson later appeared in films including Through the Eyes of a Killer (1992) Pandora's Clock (1996) and Firehouse (1997). Jeff Webber in the American soap opera series General Hospital then rose to prominence as the lead actor in the television series MacGyver (1985–1992). He began his television career in 1976 as Dr.

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