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Richard O'Brien

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I'm surrounded by it. I have so many lovely people around me who are supportive, gentle, kind and considerate. I'm so grateful for every day that I'm on the planet and that continues to be so.

— Richard O'Brien

#considerate #continues #day #every #every day

Life's too short to be working with divas.

— Richard O'Brien

#life #short #too #working

Even though we know freedom as an idea we're not really as free as we think we are.

— Richard O'Brien

#free #freedom #idea #know #really

However, there's three reasons for doing things in this particular world. One is love, one is prestige and the other's money. If you get all three together, that's fine.

— Richard O'Brien

#fine #get #however #love #money

I absolutely adore working in the realms of fantasy.

— Richard O'Brien

#adore #fantasy #i #realms #working

I am 58 and it's difficult for people to gauge my age.

— Richard O'Brien

#am #difficult #gauge #i #i am

I have done every job in the Theatre apart from wardrobe. I was out of work more times than I was in it.

— Richard O'Brien

#done #every #i #job #more

I paid my dues at drama school and worked backstage in every Theatre in London.

— Richard O'Brien

#drama #drama school #dues #every #i

I would have loved to have been in The Stand. I would also loved to have been in The Mask.

— Richard O'Brien

#been #i #loved #mask #stand

I never wanted to be aligned to a mature group because they go off and become politicians and stuff.

— Richard O'Brien

#because #become #go #group #i

About Richard O'Brien

Did you know about Richard O'Brien?

In 1995 he performed a select number of shows as the devilish charmer Mephistopheles Smith in a musical/comedy show he wrote entitled Disgracefully Yours which was later given permission to be adapted into a musical performed first by Eubank Productions for the Kansas City Fringe Fest in 2006 and more recently by Janus Theatre Company for the Edinburgh Fringe 2007 simply entitled Mephistopheles Smith. He is also a patron of the Five Stars Scanner Appeal which benefits the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. Zee (1976) Disaster (1978) The Stripper (1982– based on the Carter Brown novel and produced in Australia) and Top People (1984).

He is perhaps best known for writing the cult musical The Rocky Horror Show and for his role in presenting the popular TV show The Crystal Maze. Richard Timothy Smith (born 25 March 1942) better known under his stage name Richard O'Brien is an English writer actor television presenter and theatre performer. In addition to writing The Rocky Horror Show O'Brien also co-wrote the screenplay of the 1975 film adaptation The Rocky Horror Picture Show and appeared in the film himself as the character Riff Raff.

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