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Rory Cochrane

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I do not regret the things I've done, but those I did not do.

— Rory Cochrane

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I try not to think about negative thoughts and possibilities and disaster and things like that.

— Rory Cochrane

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I didn't really know exactly the point where I wanted to be an actor. But I know at this point, because I never went to college, I don't really have anything to fall back on.

— Rory Cochrane

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Rory Cochrane Quotes

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E. He then made his film debut (with about fifteen seconds' screen time) in A Kiss Before Dying followed by his first substantial role as Jeff Goldblum's son in Fathers & Sons. He also appeared in the Richard Linklater film A Scanner Darkly (2006).

Rory Cochrane (born February 28 1972) is an American actor.

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