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Ryan Sheckler

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Don't ever give up. You gotta keep trying, and never give up.

— Ryan Sheckler

#give #gotta #keep #never #never give up

For me, skateboarding is a lifestyle. I really don't know anything different. My life revolves around skating. If I wasn't a professional skateboarder, I'd still be skating every day.

— Ryan Sheckler

#around #day #different #every #every day

If you go out there and your main purpose is to get a sponsor, then it's not gonna work. Just go out there and have fun. That's how I got sponsored.

— Ryan Sheckler

#get #go #gonna #got #have fun

A signature ChapStick would be so sweet.

— Ryan Sheckler

#sweet #would

Every time somebody calls me out or tries to start something, it's motivation.

— Ryan Sheckler

#every #every time #me #motivation #out

I am so grateful to everybody that supports the Sheckler Foundation, and gives us the ability to continue to help kids and injured action sports athletes.

— Ryan Sheckler

#action #am #athletes #continue #everybody

I just motor through school in the morning and then go skating.

— Ryan Sheckler

#i #just #morning #motor #school

I just want to keep things going. I just love testing myself.

— Ryan Sheckler

#i #just #keep #love #myself

I won the first contest I ever entered, when I was 6.

— Ryan Sheckler

#entered #ever #first #i #won

I'm going to capitalize on everything I can.

— Ryan Sheckler

#everything #going #i #i can

About Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler Quotes

Did you know about Ryan Sheckler?

Gravity Games: 1st (Street)
Slam City Jam – Vancouver Canada: 1st (Street)
X Games: 1st (Park)
United States Skateboarding Championships: 3rd (Street)
Vans Triple Crown: 1st – overall (Street)
World Cup of Skateboarding (WCS): 1st – overall (Street)

Gravity Games third place (Street)
United States Skateboarding Championships first place (Street)
Vans Triple Crown Vancouver event; third place (Street)
Vans Triple Crown Cleveland event; third place (Street)
World Cup of Skateboarding overall second place (Street)

AST Dew Tour – Louisville US: 1st (Park)
AST Dew Tour – Denver US: 1st (Park)
AST Dew Tour – Portland US: 2nd (Park)
AST Dew Tour – San Jose US: 1st (Park)
AST Dew Tour – Orlando US: 3rd (Park)
AST Dew Tour: 1st – overall (Park)
Globe World Cup Melbourne event; second place (Street)
World Championship of Skateboarding third place (Street)

Tampa Pro: 5th (Street)
AST Dew Tour – Louisville US: 1st (Park)
AST Dew Tour – Denver US: 4th (Park)
AST Dew Tour – Portland: 1st (Park)
AST Dew Tour – San Jose US: 1st (Park)
AST Dew Tour – Orlando US: 2nd (Park)
AST Dew Tour: 1st – overall (Park)
X Games – Los Angeles US: 2nd (Park)
Globe World Cup – Melbourne Australia: 1st (Street)

ThraRyan Shecklerr Magazine's "Bust or Bail": 1st
X Games: 1st (Street)

Tampa Pro: 6th (Street)
X Games: 1st (Street)

X Games: 3rd (Street)
Simple Session: 1st (Street)

X Games: 2nd (Street)
Street League Skateboarding 3rd Series 3rd Stop (Glendale AZ): 3rd
Dew Tour: 1st (Street)
the discipline of skateboarding appears in parentheses

In 2008 the Sheckler Foundation was created to assist children and injured and recovering athletes—the Foundation presents its overall goal as the empowerment of "our community to “Be the Change”!". Sheckler has appeared in numerous promotional and tour videos for Plan B including the final section of the Superfuture extended promotional video and appears in the second teaser for the inaugural full-length video of the relaunched team—Sheckler is filmed performing a kickflip in a street-based setting while teammates Torey Pudwill and Duffy are also present.

Ryan Allen Sheckler (born December 30 1989) is an American professional skateboarder and entrepreneur and was the star of the MTV-produced reality show Life of Ryan.

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