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Sheryl Lee

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I just found out last week - my sister told me - that my father had some Beatles records. So I must have heard them quite a bit, but it never registered, really. Now I listen to them with new ears.

— Sheryl Lee

#bit #ears #father #found #had

Animals weren't put on this earth to entertain us.

— Sheryl Lee

#entertain #put #us #weren

Apparently I'm the most naked that anyone's been on TNT. My poor mother. I'm ready to run away.

— Sheryl Lee

#apparently #away #been #i #most

But I'm attracted to roles where I get to really go in and explore a character.

— Sheryl Lee

#character #explore #get #go #i

Every actress has a line she'll draw, where she'll say, 'This I will do and this I won't.' For me, everything has to be important to the story and the director has to be able to tell me why.

— Sheryl Lee

#actress #director #draw #every #everything

I grew up in Colorado - went back there, tried to heal myself and grow and learn, then got a call that David Lynch wanted me to fly back to Seattle so he could meet me for Twin Peaks.

— Sheryl Lee

#call #colorado #could #david #david lynch

I highly recommend tantric sex workshops.

— Sheryl Lee

#i #recommend #sex #workshops

I just turned 30 so I got really introspective as you do, questioning my life. And when I stopped and sort of looked back at the past decade, I realized I had done more work than I thought I had done.

— Sheryl Lee

#decade #done #got #had #i

I remembered their songs but I had never owned a Beatles album.

— Sheryl Lee

#beatles #had #i #never #owned

I would love to play a nun. I used to want to be one when I was a kid.

— Sheryl Lee

#kid #love #nun #play #used

About Sheryl Lee

Sheryl Lee Quotes

Did you know about Sheryl Lee?

Lee starred opposite Anthony Michael Hall as the sweet but vengeful housewife Eve Robbins in the 2001 USA Cable movie Hitched. When the series was picked up Lee was also given the part of Laura's cousin Maddy Ferguson later in the series (a role which was reportedly written because Lynch impressed with her abilities wanted to give her a fuller role on the show). It would have been the second time Sheryl Lee would have played a dead character on a series; however the producers ultimately chose to replace her with Brenda Strong.

She is also known for portraying photographer Astrid Kirchherr in Backbeat (1994) and for her roles in Vampires (1998) and Winter's Bone (2010) as well as for her television series roles in LA Doctors Kingpin One Tree Hill and Dirty Sexy Money. She came to international attention for her performances as Laura Palmer and Maddy Ferguson on the 1990 cult TV series Twin Peaks and in the 1992 film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.

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