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Silvia Colloca

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I'm quite shy, so if there's a guy I like, I actually ignore him because I can't speak to him. I get all red and sweaty, and it's embarrassing.

— Silvia Colloca

#because #embarrassing #get #guy #him

I seem to be the most wordy when it comes to monsters because I'm a bit of a monster freak.

— Silvia Colloca

#bit #comes #freak #i #monster

I think I'm going to be a stuntwoman on the side.

— Silvia Colloca

#i #i think #side #think

My body is like in a computer for good for the rest of my life - at age 23. I have my cyber body so if they ever need me young again I can just go, 'It's in the computer.'

— Silvia Colloca

#age #body #computer #cyber #ever

About Silvia Colloca

Silvia Colloca Quotes

Did you know about Silvia Colloca?

Silvia Colloca (born 23 July 1977) is an Italian actress. Her first major film role was in Van Helsing in which Silvia Colloca played Verona one of Dracula's brides.

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