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Sonny Liston

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A boxing match is like a cowboy movie. There's got to be good guys and there's got to be bad guys. And that's what people pay for - to see the bad guys get beat.

— Sonny Liston

#bad guys #beat #boxing #boxing match #cowboy

The only thing my old man ever gave me was a beating.

— Sonny Liston

#ever #gave #man #me #old

Come over here and sit on my knee and finish your orange juice.

— Sonny Liston

#finish #here #juice #knee #orange

How would you like to find out how good my right is?

— Sonny Liston

#good #how #like #out #right

Newspapermen ask dumb questions. They look up at the sun and ask if it is shining.

— Sonny Liston

#dumb #look #questions #shining #sun

About Sonny Liston

Sonny Liston Quotes

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Portrayal in film
In the 2001 film Ali Liston was portrayed by former WBO Heavyweight Champion Michael Bentt. He won several amateur tournaments including the Golden Gloves which was his first. A friend of his told Unsolved Mysteries that Liston had been in a car accident a few weeks prior to his death was hospitalized with minor injuries and received intravenous medicine.

"Sonny" Liston (c. 1932 – December 30 1970) was an American professional boxer known for his toughness punching power and intimidating appearance who became World Heavyweight Champion in 1962 by knocking out Floyd Patterson in the first round.

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