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Stephen Harper

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Gay and Lesbian Canadians are entitled to equal treatment under law and are part of Canada's diversity.

— Stephen Harper


I think in Atlantic Canada, because of what happened in the decades following Confederation, there is a culture of defeat that we have to overcome.

— Stephen Harper

#because #canada #confederation #culture #decades

Make no mistake. Canada is not a bilingual country. In fact it is less bilingual today than it has ever been.

— Stephen Harper

#bilingual #canada #country #ever #fact

I believe very strongly that in this world you have to have values and you have to stand up for your interests and if you don't do those things you're not going to get anywhere.

— Stephen Harper

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I have no difficulty with the recognition of civil unions for non-traditional relationships but I believe in law we should protect the traditional definition of marriage.

— Stephen Harper

#civil #definition #difficulty #i #i believe

After all, enforced national bilingualism in this country isn't mere policy. It has attained the status of a religion. It's a dogma which one is supposed to accept without question.

— Stephen Harper

#after #attained #country #dogma #enforced

Having hit a wall, the next logical step is not to bang our heads against it.

— Stephen Harper

#bang #having #heads #hit #logical

On the justification for the war, it wasn't related to finding any particular weapon of mass destruction.

— Stephen Harper

#destruction #finding #justification #mass #particular

Canada remains alienated from its allies, shut out of the reconstruction process to some degree, unable to influence events. There is no upside to the position Canada took.

— Stephen Harper

#allies #canada #degree #events #influence

If Ottawa giveth, then Ottawa can taketh away.

— Stephen Harper

#giveth #ottawa #taketh #then

About Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper Quotes

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When asked by Vancouver journalist Tom Zytaruk about the alleged life insurance offer then-opposition leader Stephen Harper states on an audio tape "I don't know the details. Harper said "This is not a coalition but this is a co-operative effort. Jean Chrétien was one of the previous recipients from Canada.

In 2002 he succeeded Stockwell Day as leader of the Canadian Alliance (the successor to the Reform Party) and returned to parliament as Leader of the Opposition. In 2003 he reached an agreement with Progressive Conservative leader Peter MacKay for the merger of their two parties to form the Conservative Party of Canada. Earlier from 1993 to 1997 he was the MP for Calgary West.

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