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Agnes Macphail

Read through the most famous quotes from Agnes Macphail

Never apologize. Never explain. Just get the thing done, and let them howl.

— Agnes Macphail

#done #explain #get #howl #just

Do not rely completely on any other human being, however dear. We meet all life's greatest tests alone.

— Agnes Macphail

#any #being #completely #dear #greatest

I want for myself what I want for other women, absolute equality.

— Agnes Macphail

#absolute #i #myself #other #want

I believe the preservation of the home in the future lies almost entirely in the hands of men.

— Agnes Macphail

#believe #entirely #future #hands #home

I do not want to be the angel of any home: I want for myself what I want for other women, absolute equality. After that is secured, then men and women can take turns being angels.

— Agnes Macphail

#after #angel #angels #any #being

I owed it to my father that I was elected to Parliament in the first place, but I owed it to my mother that I stuck it out once I got there.

— Agnes Macphail

#father #first #got #i #mother

If the preservation of the home means the enslavement of women, economically or morally, then we had better break it.

— Agnes Macphail

#break #economically #enslavement #had #home

If they are willing to give women economic freedom in that home, if they are willing to live by the standard they wish women to live by, then homes will be preserves.

— Agnes Macphail

#economic freedom #freedom #give #home #homes

Most of the women who have offered themselves for public office over the years have done so, I believe, more because of the 'dirt' than in spite of it.

— Agnes Macphail

#believe #dirt #done #i #i believe

Whatever is dirty, it is women's job to clean up, or drive some man to clean up, and that goes for everything from cellar to senate.

— Agnes Macphail

#clean #clean up #dirty #drive #everything

About Agnes Macphail

Agnes Macphail Quotes

Did you know about Agnes Macphail?

With the death of United Reform MP for Saskatoon City Walter George Brown a few days after the election Macphail was recruited by the United Reform Movement to run in the by-election to fill the seat. She was allowed to use the party's name even after it stopped being a political organization in 1934. In 2005 in a contest run by former Ontario MPP Marilyn Churley Agnes Macphail was voted as the Greatest Ontario Woman.

Active throughout her life in progressive Canadian politics Macphail worked for two separate parties and promoted her ideas through column-writing activist organizing and legislation. Agnes Campbell Macphail (March 24 1890 – February 13 1954) was the first woman to be elected to the Canadian House of Commons and one of the first two women elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

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