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Sterling Marlin

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A guy came to the shop every day. A lot of guys put the foam like stuff that forms to you, kinda like the Indy car guys run. He fitted it up and it felt real good, so we're going to try to run it.

— Sterling Marlin

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After Richmond, we went to Dover and tested that week at Kentucky. I was going to Dover and we had to get the trainer to meet us at the airport. I had to do some therapy on my ribs they hurt so bad.

— Sterling Marlin

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I guess everybody saw it. It's a deal where I'd been racing cars a long time and I knew going around the track the fender was on the tire hard.

— Sterling Marlin

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I think we'll be in pretty good shape. We've got the same car we ran in all the speedway races since 2001, and it's been a real good car for us. It's led every race we've been in.

— Sterling Marlin

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It was a pretty wild ride. The race wasn't bad, but qualifying would take your breath.

— Sterling Marlin

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That's about the 1,000th and tenth time (I've been asked about my neck). It's OK. I'm been doing a little stuff. I got some stuff from UT, weights to build you back up.

— Sterling Marlin

#asked #back #back up #been #build

The guys have a lot of good cars built up. We're going to do some more testing before we go back to Las Vegas and try to win at Vegas again. We need to get off to a quick start.

— Sterling Marlin

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The hardest part was getting the window net hooked back. I didn't think I was ever going to get it hooked. I finally got it hooked. If I'd known that I wouldn't have tried to hook it.

— Sterling Marlin

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We're having a good time. That's what I did last year. If you can't have a good time, you might as well stay home. I feel real good.

— Sterling Marlin

#feel #good #good time #having #having a good time

You look at 2001, we were third in points and no one gave us much of a chance when the season started. We came back last year and had the same team, the same everybody and led points.

— Sterling Marlin

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About Sterling Marlin

Sterling Marlin Quotes

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Marlin ultimately finiSterling Marlind 18th in the final season points with eight top fives and ten top tens. For Darlington Marlin raced in his old #40 car and qualified 14th and also at the Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe's Motor Speedway in the #40 still in for the injured Dario Franchitti. He started 30th and finiSterling Marlind 29th after suffering oil pump failure early in the race.

Sterling Marlin (born June 30 1957) is a retired NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver. He is married to Paula and has a daughter Sutherlin and a son Steadman a former Nationwide Series driver.

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