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Todd McFarlane

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I'm tired of trying to get other people to see into my brain. I'm done.

— Todd McFarlane

#done #get #i #into #other

But again, I put in my time with Marvel and DC so there was that period of my life of trying to learn how to draw and tell stories in a proper fashion.

— Todd McFarlane

#dc #draw #fashion #how #i

Anthology shows as a whole scare people. The networks can't quite get their heads around it.

— Todd McFarlane

#around #get #heads #networks #people

Here is a fear for me, I never wanted to be one of those guys that was defined by a body of work 20 years old.

— Todd McFarlane

#defined #fear #guys #here #i

I even knew some of the dialogue but it was definitely cool to look at. We always argue that the movies should be loyal but in this case I could argue that it might have been too loyal.

— Todd McFarlane

#argue #been #case #cool #could

I still do some inking here and there and I've actually got a book that I'm going to ink entirely.

— Todd McFarlane

#book #entirely #going #got #here

I'm a guy who likes to watch something cool, creepy and suspenseful and there is no show to watch as an adult that would scare me at for even four seconds.

— Todd McFarlane

#cool #creepy #even #four #guy

I've been fortunate to come on places where the question isn't why did I do it? The question to me is always, why didn't anybody else do it before me? Those are the ones that I scratch my head about.

— Todd McFarlane

#always #anybody #been #before #come

If I ever do anything, it actually might be some fantasy elf thing or even some cute, funny thing. Just to do something a little bit out of the ordinary. I've done my superhero gig.

— Todd McFarlane

#anything #bit #cute #done #elf

Image has to be its own fortress, in spite of the owners. People can't separate that or they don't comprehend that you can turn that on and off for each one of the different entities.

— Todd McFarlane

#different #each #entities #fortress #image

About Todd McFarlane

Todd McFarlane Quotes

Did you know about Todd McFarlane?

In collaboration with New Line Cinema it produced the 1997 Spawn film and a new Spawn movie planned in 2008. The series is a collaboration with musician Yoshiki and stars a fictionalized version of him. In February 2012 the company released its only title Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning a single-player action role-playing game that enjoyed moderate success but by late May 2012 the company had ceased operation due to financial difficulties for which it had filed for bankruptcy.

Spawn was a popular hero in the 1990s and encouraged a trend in creator-owned comic book properties. McFarlane used to be a co-owner of the National Hockey League's Edmonton Oilers but sold his shares to Daryl Katz. He is also a high-profile collector of history-making baseballs.

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