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Toi Derricotte

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Poetry asks people to have values, form opinions, care about some other part of experience besides making money and being successful on the job.

— Toi Derricotte

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About Toi Derricotte

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Captivity (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press 1990)
Natural Birth (Ann Arbor: Firebrand Books 1983)
The Empress of the Death House poetry (New York:Lotus Press 1978)

Works about Derricotte
The Image and Identity of the Black Woman in the Poetry and Prose of Toi Derricotte by Dufer Miriam D. "
Her first attempt at sharing her poems with others came when at fifteen Toi Derricotte visited a cousin a medical school student who was then taking an embryology class. [or] talked to [her] about sex" anxiously showed them to this cousin who pronounced them "sick morbid.

Toi Derricotte (pronounced DARE-ah-cot ) (b. A.

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