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Vernor Vinge

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He claimed that nearby gun thunder cleared the mind - but most everybody else agreed it made you daft.

— Vernor Vinge

#insanity #war #humor

Intelligence is the handmaiden of flexibility and change.

— Vernor Vinge

#flexibility #intelligence #change

All evil and good is petty before Nature. Personally, we take comfort from this, that there is a universe to admire that cannot be twisted to villainy or good, but which simply is.

— Vernor Vinge

#nature #nature

Les enfants sont des créatures extraordinaires, quand ils ne sont pas simplement chiants.

— Vernor Vinge

#intelligence #parents #intelligence

Enormous cemeteries existed among sedentary civilizations, where the weight of the past grew larger than any present time.

— Vernor Vinge

#death #death

But if the technological Singularity can happen, it will.

— Vernor Vinge

#singularity #technological #will

But every time our ability to access information and to communicate it to others is improved, in some sense we have achieved an increase over natural intelligence.

— Vernor Vinge

#access #achieved #communicate #every #every time

And for all my rampant technological optimism, sometimes I think I'd be more comfortable if I were regarding these transcendental events from one thousand years remove... instead of twenty.

— Vernor Vinge

#events #i #i think #instead #more

I have argued above that we cannot prevent the Singularity, that its coming is an inevitable consequence of the humans' natural competitiveness and the possibilities inherent in technology.

— Vernor Vinge

#argued #cannot #coming #competitiveness #consequence

Another symptom of progress toward the Singularity: ideas themselves should spread ever faster, and even the most radical will quickly become commonplace.

— Vernor Vinge

#become #commonplace #even #ever #faster

About Vernor Vinge

Vernor Vinge Quotes

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In the last zone 'The Transcend' there are apparently no limitations at all. The Peace War shows a world in which the Singularity has been postponed by the Bobbles and a global plague while Marooned in Realtime follows a small group of people who have managed to miss the Singularity which otherwise encompassed Earth. Vernor Steffen Vinge (pron.

Vernor Steffen Vinge (pron. : /ˈvɪndʒiː/; born October 2 1944) is a retired San Diego State University (SDSU) Professor of Mathematics computer scientist and science fiction author. He is best known for his Hugo Award-winning novels and novellas A Fire Upon the Deep (1992) A Deepness in the Sky (1999) Rainbows End (2006) Fast Times at Fairmont High (2002) and The Cookie Monster (2004) as well as for his 1984 novel The Peace War and his 1993 essay "The Coming Technological Singularity" in which he argues that the creation of superhuman artificial intelligence will mark the point at which "the human era will be ended" such that no current models of reality are sufficient to predict beyond it.

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