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Wyndham Lewis

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It is more comfortable for me, in the long run, to be rude than polite.

— Wyndham Lewis

#long #long run #me #more #polite

A hundred things are done today in the divine name of Youth, that if they showed their true colors would be seen by rights to belong rather to old age.

— Wyndham Lewis

#belong #colors #divine #done #hundred

Almost anything that can be praised or advocated has been put to some disgusting use. There is no principle, however immaculate, that has not had its compromising manipulator.

— Wyndham Lewis

#almost #anything #been #compromising #disgusting

As a result of the feminist revolution, 'feminine' becomes an abusive epithet.

— Wyndham Lewis

#epithet #feminine #feminist #result #revolution

In the democratic western countries so-called capitalism leads a saturnalia of "freedom," like a bastard brother of reform.

— Wyndham Lewis

#capitalism #countries #democratic #freedom #leads

Prostration is our natural position. A worm-like movement from a spot of sunlight to a spot of shade, and back, is the type of movement that is natural to men.

— Wyndham Lewis

#men #movement #natural #our #position

Revolution today is taken for granted, and in consequence becomes rather dull.

— Wyndham Lewis

#consequence #dull #granted #rather #revolution

The art of advertisement, after the American manner, has introduced into all our life such a lavish use of superlatives, that no standard of value whatever is intact.

— Wyndham Lewis

#after #american #art #intact #into

About Wyndham Lewis

Wyndham Lewis Quotes

Did you know about Wyndham Lewis?

He then wrote an attack on anti-semitism: The Jews Are They Human? (publiWyndham Lewisd early in 1939; the title is modelled on a contemporary best-seller The English Are They Human?). process philosophy) of Bergson Samuel Alexander Alfred North Whitehead and others. Return to painting
After becoming better known for his writing than his painting in the 1920s and early '30s he returned to more concentrated work on visual art and paintings from the 1930s and 1940s constitute some of his best-known work.

Percy Wyndham Lewis (18 November 1882 – 7 March 1957) was an English painter and author (he dropped the name 'Percy' which he disliked). His novels include his pre-World War I-era novel Tarr (set in Paris) and The Human Age a trilogy comprising The Childermass (1928) Monstre Gai and Malign Fiesta (both 1955) set in the afterworld. He also wrote two autobiographical volumes Blasting and Bombardiering (1937) and Rude Assignment: A Narrative of my Career Up-to-Date (1950).

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