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Since I was a small girl, I have lived inside this cottage, shelted by its roof and walls. I have known of people suffering—I have not been blind to them in the way that privilege allows, the way my own husband and now my daughter are blind. It is a statement of fact and not a judgement to say Charlie and Ella’s minds aren’t oriented in that direction; in a way, it absolves them, whereas the unlucky have knocked on the door of my consciousness, they have emerged from the forest and knocked many times over the course of my life, and I have only occasionally allowed them entry. I’ve done more than nothing and much less than I could have. I have laid inside, beneath a quilt on a comfortable couch, in a kind of reverie, and when I heard the unlucky outside my cottage, sometimes I passed them coins or scraps of food, and sometimes I ignored them altogether; if I ignored them, they had no choice but to walk back into the woods, and when they grew weak or got lost or were circled by wolves, I pretended I couldn’t hear them calling my name.

Curtis Sittenfeld

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She also has an illegal abortion and discovers that her grandmother is a secret lesbian. Her brother P.

She is author of three novels: Prep the tale of a Massachusetts prep school The Man of My Dreams a coming-of-age novel and an examination of romantic love and American Wife a fictional story loosely based on the life of First Lady Laura Bush as well as a number of short stories. Elizabeth Curtis Sittenfeld (born 1975) is an American writer.

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