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The Sophists' paradoxical talk pieces and their public debates were entertainment in 5th century Greece. And in that world, Socrates was an entertainer.

David Antin

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After the War; A Long Novel with Few Words Black Sparrow Press Santa Barbara 1973
Talking Kulchur Foundation 1972. In "what it means to be avant garde" he suggests that the avant garde attempts to address not the future but the present. His early publiDavid Antind poetry collected in "Selected Poems: 1963-1973" was experimental using found or "readymade" texts to address issues of language.

In the late 1960s Antin began performing extemporaneously improvising "talk poems" at readings and exhibitions. A. In the early 1970s his influence on a nascent group of conceptual photographers among the graduate students there was powerful.

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