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One of the problems with sex education... is that it also strips kids - especially girls - of their modesty to have every detail of anatomy, physiology and condom usage made explicit.

James Dobson

#anatomy #condom #detail #education #especially

Some people use just one condom, right? But we use tons.

Tracey Emin

#just #just one #people #right #some

We just sent our condolences to the President of the United States and the American people on what is a terrible, terrible tragedy.

Helen Clark

#american people #condolences #just #our #people

There is a great deal of political pressure to only talk about abstinence, and to deny support for condoms and education on using them. This policy will lead to the unnecessary deaths of many people.

Hillary Clinton

#abstinence #condoms #deal #deaths #deny

I sentimenti sono anche il modo primo di conoscere un romanzo; e i romanzi sono il terreno di prova per conoscere il mondo, santuari dell'immaginazione dove affinare e mettere alla prova i nostri valori, le nostre scelte. I sentimenti sono lo strumento di lavoro dei romanzieri, i colori della loro tavolozza.

William Deresiewicz


Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, Trojan Magnum (oh yeah, my three foot cock definitely needed those), Contempo, Vivid and Rough Rider. Seriously? There was a condom brand called Rough Rider? Why not just go with Fuck Her Hard and be done with it? I stood in the "Family Planning" aisle of the grocery store, trying to decide which condom brand was more effective. Family Planning…give me a break. How many people came to this aisle because they were planning a family? They came to this aisle to AVOID planning a family. --Carter

Tara Sivec

#condom-funny #humor #family

Abstinence, being faithful and correct and consistent condom use are the only ways to successfully reach everyone when discussing HIV prevention. I believe that the abstinence message alone does not solve the AIDS epidemic.

Ashley Judd

#aids #alone #being #believe #condom

When my now ex wife said she wanted a separation, I was horrified. So I said, “You want me to wear a condom?!”

Jarod Kintz

#failure #false-conclusion #horrified #horror #mistake

Love is a banana. First you peel it, and then you roll on the condom.

Dark Jar Tin Zoo

#condom #food #fruit #funny #humor

For if in careless summer days In groves of Ashtaroth we whored, Repentant now, when winds blow cold, We kneel before our rightful lord; The lord of all, the money-god, Who rules us blood and hand and brain, Who gives the roof that stops the wind, And, giving, takes away again; Who spies with jealous, watchful care, Our thoughts, our dreams, our secret ways, Who picks our words and cuts our clothes, And maps the pattern of our days; Who chills our anger, curbs our hope, And buys our lives and pays with toys, Who claims as tribute broken faith, Accepted insults, muted joys; Who binds with chains the poet’s wit, The navvy’s strength, the soldier’s pride, And lays the sleek, estranging shield Between the lover and his bride.

George Orwell

#condoms #money #poetry #poverty #sex

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