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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #girly

I've had so many bikini waxes, I cry every time I see a Popsicle stick.

Libba Bray

#bikini-wax #funny #girl #girls #girly

Taylor Swift on why girls look up to her: "It’s the message. I try to have a normal life and look at things in a normal way, under very abnormal circumstances. That’s always going to be my main goal, that’s always what I’m going to strive for, to be a normal human being. It’s interesting because you’re put in really abnormal situations. You have an abnormal-size microscope covering your life and everything you do. You look at the idea of being 22, that’s when you’re supposed to be out there living and being selfish and making mistakes and messing up. If I mess up once, it’s a headline everywhere.

Taylor Swift

#girls #girly #headlines #inspirational #interesting

I hope the people I hurt can see past the prank to the very real respect and affection I feel for them. If not, I may have to take my own advice, buy myself some cute shoes and march on. I hope that's not how it ends, though. I hope this boy-meets-girl-pretending-to-be-boy story has a happy ending, one with less bitter and more sweet.

Jody Gehrman

#girly #respect

The Tweets that I have written that are most popular are the ones that are the kind of universal girly concerns and observations.

Mindy Kaling

#girly #i #kind #most #observations

Theta loved pretty things more than air or food. She had a deep fondness for full red roses, pink shells, and starry sunsets.

Lena Goldfinch

#girly #food

I grew up reading 'Sense and Sensibility' and 'Pride and Prejudice' - girly kind of books.

Leighton Meester

#girly #grew #i #kind #prejudice

I usually go make-up free when I'm not working. Because I work so much, during the free days that I have I like to let my skin breathe, but of course I'm girly so I like to put on some blush and some mascara.

Bar Refaeli

#blush #breathe #course #days #during

I didn't want to be perceived as a girly girl on stage.

Annie Lennox

#girly #i #perceived #stage #want

If Michael Steele doesn't make you sad, well, then there's radio host Rush Limbaugh, no longer content with wanting the President to fail, Rush is now calling out Mr. Obama as a girly man.

David Shuster

#content #fail #girly #host #limbaugh

It's so cliche to say florals for spring. I really like a vintage-like dress that's floral. You can belt it; I like belts. I like wearing pretty dresses that are really comfortable, that you can spend the day in but also feel girly.

Brittany Snow

#belt #belts #cliche #comfortable #day

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