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Andrew Vachss

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Life is a fight, but not everyone’s a fighter. Otherwise, bullies would be an endangered species.

— Andrew Vachss

#bullying #life

Stealing to eat ain’t criminal—stealing to be rich is.

— Andrew Vachss

#greed #greed

It's the family you choose that counts.

— Andrew Vachss


Fear is an enemy that can be killed only at close range. The closest range of all is intimacy. The deeper the fear is embedded in one’s spirit, the more vulnerable it is.

— Andrew Vachss


Camouflage doesn't help when the other guy is willing to defoliate the whole jungle.

— Andrew Vachss

#war #strategy

I wanted to ask her what the fuck was wrong but I had a date with a pack of skittish whores.

— Andrew Vachss


The worst place to be is in the middle. When elephants fight, the grass gets trampled.

— Andrew Vachss


He said when the Lord made people He made them all the same for starters. But life marks people. If you know the way, you can read them like maps.

— Andrew Vachss

#crime-fiction #neo-noir #life

A dog is like a person—he needs a job and a family to be what he’s meant to be.

— Andrew Vachss


Family' is not just a biological word, it's an an operative one.

— Andrew Vachss

#family #family

About Andrew Vachss

Did you know about Andrew Vachss?

Lansdale (Veil's Visit 1999). Vachsss also has a small blue heart tattooed on his right hand. During her time as chief prosecutor Alice Vachss regularly brought one such trained dog Sheba to work with abused children being interviewed at the Special Victims Bureau.

Andrew Henry Vachss (born 1942) is an American crime fiction author child protection consultant and attorney exclusively representing children and youths. He is a native New Yorker. He is also a founder and national advisory board member of Protect: The National Association to Protect Children.

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