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Cassandra Clare

Read through the most famous quotes from Cassandra Clare

He knew only the Disney versions of fairy tales, and the first image that came to mind was ariel in her seashell bra.

— Cassandra Clare


I decided it was well past time to take him home and place him in bosom of his family. If you had rather I put him in an orphanage, I fully understand.

— Cassandra Clare

#magnus-bane #family

It is as great a thing to love as it is to be loved. Love is not something that can be wasted.

— Cassandra Clare

#love #life

Perhaps [James Herondale] loved vice for vice's own sake.

— Cassandra Clare


It's because you're too scared to tell anyone who you really love. Love makes us liars.

— Cassandra Clare

#liars #love #love

No existe tal cosa como la perfección, Tessa

— Cassandra Clare


You are unique in the world, just as you are unique in my heart, and there will never be a time when I do not love you.

— Cassandra Clare


I was human goodness in the world, she thought - all caught up with desires and dreams, regrets and bitterness, resentment and powers, but it was there.

— Cassandra Clare


Ale ak by som ti ublížil - ak by som bol príčinou tvojej smrti - nie je nič, čo by ma udržalo od vlastného sebazničenia.

— Cassandra Clare


Magic or nature, they were much the same thing to Magnus.

— Cassandra Clare

#magnus-bane #nature #nature

About Cassandra Clare

Did you know about Cassandra Clare?

While living in Los Angles Clare began writing fan fiction using the name Cassandra Claire. Clare has stated that City of Fallen Angels is actually the start of a second Mortal Instruments cycle which will include two other books named City of Lost Souls and City of Heavenly Fire. Awards

City of Bones
2010 Georgia Peach Book Awards for Teen Readers
Finalist for the Locus Award for Best First Novel of 2007
An American Library Association Teens Top Ten Award winner 2008
2010 Georgia Peach Book Awards for Teen Readers
Winner of The 2010 Abraham Lincoln Illinois High School Book Award
Winner of the 2010 Pacific Northwest Library Association Young Reader’s Choice Award
A Texas TAYSHAS title 2010
Shortlisted for the 2010 Evergreen Young Adult Book Award
Shortlisted for The 2010 Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award
Shortlisted for The North Carolina School Library Media Association Young Adult Book Award
Grand Canyon Reader Award Nominee (Teen) 2010
Iowa High School Book Award Nominee 2009-2010
North Carolina YA Book Award Nominee 2009-2010
New Hampshire Flume Teen Reader’s Choice Award Nominee 2010
Nevada Young Readers’ Award Nominee 2010
Ohio Buckeye Teen Book Award Nominee 2009
Oregon Young Adult Network Book Rave Reading List Title 2008
South Carolina Young Adult Book Award Nominee 2009-2010
Shortlisted for the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards

City of ACassandra Clares
A 2009 ALA Teens Top Ten Title


The Mortal Instruments Series
City of Bones (2007)
City of ACassandra Clares (2008)
City of Glass (2009)
City of Fallen Angels (2011)
City of Lost Souls (released 8 May 2012)
City of Heavenly Fire (scheduled March 2014)
City of Fallen Angels City of Lost Souls and City of Heavenly Fire were originally a sequel trilogy of The Mortal Instruments.

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