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Charles Dibdin

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Then trust me there's nothing like drinking, So pleasant on this side of the grave: It keeps the unhappy from thinking, And makes e'en the valiant more brave.

— Charles Dibdin

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About Charles Dibdin

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At a public dinner and concert a large sum was raised but insufficient to complete the project. Life and career

Early life and early successes
His parents designing him for the church he was sent to Winchester School; but his love of music early diverted his thoughts from the clerical profession. Dibdin also produced many entertainments at the Lyceum Theatre.

Charles Dibdin (before 4 March 1745 – 25 July 1814) was a British musician songwriter dramatist novelist and actor. The son of a parish clerk (or according to Robert Chambers a silversmith) he was privately baptised on 4 March 1745 in Southampton and is often stated to be the youngest child of 18 born to a 50-year-old mother.

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