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Roger Waters

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Would you like to watch TV or get between the sheets and contemplate this violent freeway, would you like something to eat would you like to learn to fly would ya, would you like to see me try

— Roger Waters


Hanging on in Quiet Desperation is the English Way

— Roger Waters

#life-experience #experience

I'm in competition with myself and I'm losing.

— Roger Waters

#i #losing #myself

Either you write songs or you don't. And if you do write songs like I do, I think there's a natural desire to want to make records.

— Roger Waters

#either #i #i do #i think #like

I could have been an architect, but I don't think I'd have been very happy. Nearly all modern architecture is a silly game as far as I can see.

— Roger Waters

#architecture #as far as #been #could #far

I have no problem with any question.

— Roger Waters

#i #no problem #problem #question

We were contracted to make a soundtrack album but there really wasn't enough new material in the movie to make a new record that I thought was interesting.

— Roger Waters

#contracted #enough #i #interesting #make

When I first got a guitar, it was a Spanish, classical thing.

— Roger Waters

#first #got #guitar #i #spanish

You take the risk of being rejected.

— Roger Waters

#rejected #risk #take #you

I would not rule out going to Israel because I disapprove of the foreign policy any more than I would refuse to play in the UK because I disapprove of Tony Blair's foreign policy.

— Roger Waters

#because #blair #disapprove #foreign #foreign policy

About Roger Waters

Roger Waters Quotes

Did you know about Roger Waters?

On 2 July 2005 he reunited with Pink Floyd bandmates Nick Mason Richard Wright and David Gilmour for the Live 8 global awareness event; it was the group's first appearance with Waters in 24 years. The group have sold more than 250 million albums worldwide including 74. He has toured extensively as a solo act since 1999 and played The Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety for his world tour of 2006–2008.

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