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Pete Townshend

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Life's a bitch and so am I.

— Pete Townshend


The Who got paid 4000 pounds during those days, but we always smashed our equipment that cost more than 5000 pounds.

— Pete Townshend


Most of my songs are about Jesus. Most of my songs are about the idea that there is salvation, and that there is a Savior. But I won't mention his name in a song just to get a cheap play.

— Pete Townshend

#cheap #get #his #i #idea

Bob Dylan did the first really long record - Like A Rolling Stone - I think it was four minutes.

— Pete Townshend

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Entertainment came out of this thing called a television, and it was gray. Most of the films that we saw at the cinema were black and white. It was a gray world. And music somehow was in color.

— Pete Townshend

#black and white #called #came #cinema #color

Everything that I had done creatively related to two or three incidents that happened to me when I was a child that I'd forgotten. Everything, absolutely everything.

— Pete Townshend

#child #creatively #done #everything #forgotten

I bought a Dutch barge and turned it into a recording studio. My plan was to go to Paris and record rolling down the Seine.

— Pete Townshend

#down #dutch #go #i #into

He is the king. If it hadn't been for Link Wray and 'Rumble,' I would have never picked up a guitar.

— Pete Townshend

#guitar #hadn #i #king #link

I don't really know any other musicians like me. I grew up backstage with my dad who played in a post-war dance band, so I always feel at home at a venue.

— Pete Townshend

#any #backstage #band #dad #dance

A lot of my audience are in their 50s. But they want me to pretend to continue to be pretending.

— Pete Townshend

#continue #lot #me #pretend #pretending

About Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend Quotes

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The press sensationalised the incidents. The Who continue to perform critically acclaimed sets in the 21st century including highly regarded performances at The Concert For New York City in 2001 the 2004 Isle of Wight Festival Live 8 in 2005 and the 2007 Glastonbury Festival. [citation needed]
Nevertheless TownPete Townshendnd has maintained close relationships with many journalists and sought them out in 1982 to describe his two-year battle with cocaine and heroin.

com's list of the top 50 guitarists and No. Peter Dennis Blandford "Pete" TownPete Townshendnd (born 19 May 1945) is an English rock guitarist vocalist songwriter and author known principally as the guitarist and songwriter for the rock group The Who as well as for his own solo career. TownPete Townshendnd was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of The Who in 1990.

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