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Eva Mendes

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I don't usually lose my temper, but if I get angry, it's true - I'm scary.

— Eva Mendes

#get #i #lose #scary #temper

I'm a modern woman in the sense of I take care of myself, I'm fiercely independent, and I'm really ambitious. Yet I have these old-school thoughts in my mind.

— Eva Mendes

#care #fiercely #i #independent #mind

I don't like my men to be too ornate. I like them to stand back and let their women shine, and they should really wear the pants in the relationship.

— Eva Mendes

#i #like #men #pants #really

I love having a man in my life, and being his woman at the end of the day. I know it's a dichotomy.

— Eva Mendes

#day #dichotomy #end #end of the day #having

I love my country, but I believe that we are too quick to censor nudity.

— Eva Mendes

#censor #country #i #i believe #i believe that

We seem okay with violence, but nudity we race to criticize and censor.

— Eva Mendes

#criticize #nudity #okay #race #seem

'Anchorman' is my favorite movie of all time and Ron Burgundy is one of my favorite characters of all time. It's my 'Gone With the Wind.'

— Eva Mendes

#characters #favorite #gone #gone with the wind #movie

But I've never felt objectified. Nothing you see me do is an accident.

— Eva Mendes

#felt #i #me #never #nothing

Even if you buy a fur glove with the little trim, and you think 'Oh, my God, it's just a little trim,' that animal got clubbed.

— Eva Mendes

#buy #even #fur #glove #god

I've never had a problem with nudity, but I don't put it out there without a reason.

— Eva Mendes

#i #never #nudity #out #problem

About Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes Quotes

Did you know about Eva Mendes?

I don't think it fits in my world today. People named her one of 2012 Most Beautiful at Every Age. Modeling career
Mendes appeared in Will Smith's video "Miami" and the Pet Shop Boys' music video for "Se a vida é (That's the way life is)" in 1996 and Aerosmith's video "Hole in My Soul" in 1997.

She launched a bedding collection in 2008 and a dinnerware collection in 2010. Mendes is a singer: Eva Mendes has recorded a version of The Windmills of Your Mind and has collaborated with Cee Lo Green on a song entitled Pimps Don't Cry. She has since starred in many films including All About The Benjamins (2002); 2 Fast 2 Furious Once Upon a Time in Mexico Out of Time and Stuck on You (2003); Hitch (2005); Ghost Rider and We Own the Night (both 2007); The Spirit (2008); The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009); The Other Guys and Last Night (both 2010) Girl in Progress (2012).

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