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Gil Kane

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All of the penciling was consistently done by one person and the inking was whoever could finish on time.

— Gil Kane

#could #done #finish #inking #person

But generally speaking, people weren't fired, art jobs were very hard to get, so something really calamitous had to happen to a person who was working there in order for you to find a space.

— Gil Kane

#find #fired #generally #get #had

But I was also a big mouth, I started to develop a troubled relationship with Harry Shorten.

— Gil Kane

#big #big mouth #develop #harry #i

Comics were going down for the second time and here, all of a sudden, came this thing and for the next fifteen years, romance comics were about the top sellers in the field; they outsold everything.

— Gil Kane

#came #comics #down #everything #field

DC used to print up all of their pages, they were the only company that did it.

— Gil Kane

#dc #did #only #pages #print

Everything was sensory and I never saw the structure in anything.

— Gil Kane

#everything #i #never #saw #sensory

I just saw the emotion in everything, so I got to feel everything that was going on and that I was viewing, but I couldn't think in terms of structure, which is the whole point of deep focus.

— Gil Kane

#emotion #everything #feel #focus #going

I think the lack of precision and deep focus is why it took me years to build up my work.

— Gil Kane

#deep #focus #i #i think #lack

I was hired as a penciler.

— Gil Kane


I was hired to do as many Boy Commando, Newsboy Legion, and Sandman stories as I could.

— Gil Kane

#could #hired #i #legion #many

About Gil Kane

Gil Kane Quotes

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" Kane began penciling professionally there but "They weren't terribly happy with what I was doing. Eschewing that pen name Kane freelanced in the 1960s for Tower Comics' T. [citation needed]
An homage to Kane and to writer John Broome appears in In Darkest Night a novelization of the Justice League animated series.

Eli Katz (April 6 1926 – January 31 2000) who worked under the name Gil Kane and less famously Scott Edward Gil Stack and other pseudonyms was a comic book artist whose career spanned the 1940s to 1990s and every major comics company and character. Department of Health Education and Welfare bucked the then-prevalent Comics Code Authority to depict drug abuse and ultimately spurred an update of the Code.

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