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Harlan Coben

Read through the most famous quotes from Harlan Coben

..."better to have loved and lost" bullshit. Don't show me paradise and then burn it down.

— Harlan Coben

#memorable #love

So basically your plan is to flail about helplessly.

— Harlan Coben


So basically, that entire theory is blown to hell." Not basically," Win corrected. "Entirely.

— Harlan Coben


Getting into a fight with a popular senior. Pissing off a school teacher and the local chief of police. Hanging with two major-league losers." She slapped my back. "Welcome to high school.

— Harlan Coben

#high-school #humor #mickey #shelter #funny

That’s the problem with falling in love. It makes you start talking like a bad country song

— Harlan Coben

#six-years #love

The sun was now in its death throes, bruising the sky a coiling purple and orange.

— Harlan Coben


He truly believed that no one could love him, and no matter who you are, that hurts. It made you insecure. It made you want to hide and build fences

— Harlan Coben

#love #love

I can write pretty much anywhere if you give me time and some quiet. The home is not usually the best place because I have four children. It's usually pandemonium around here!

— Harlan Coben

#around #because #best #children #four

I am, after all, a thriller writer. I routinely delve into the darkest chambers of the human heart. I've written about murder, kidnapping, depravity, horror, violence, and disfigurement.

— Harlan Coben

#after #am #chambers #darkest #delve

Children learn much more from how you act than from what you tell them. There are times this worries me - we parents are rarely the role models we want to be. True for life. True for driving.

— Harlan Coben

#children #driving #how #learn #life

About Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben Quotes

Did you know about Harlan Coben?

He won the 1996 Anthony Award in the "Best Paperback original" category for his début novel Deal Breaker which also received an Edgar award nomination in the same category. In most cases he takes responsibility for the very difficult period he goes through. The main character is a jewish man.

Harlan Coben (born January 4 1962) is an American author of mystery novels and thrillers. ) and often have multiple plot twists.

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