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Henry Kravis

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If you don't have integrity, you have nothing. You can't buy it. You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not a moral and ethical person, you really have nothing.

— Henry Kravis

#ethical #integrity #money #moral #nothing

As I said there is nothing wrong with failing. Pick yourself up and try it again. You never are going to know how good you really are until you go out and face failure.

— Henry Kravis

#face #failing #failure #go #going

I want people who will stand up to me. People who are not afraid to say exactly what's on their minds, even though that's probably not what I want to hear. That's what I want.

— Henry Kravis

#even #exactly #hear #i #me

If you build that foundation, both the moral and the ethical foundation, as well as the business foundation, and the experience foundation, then the building won't crumble.

— Henry Kravis

#build #building #business #crumble #ethical

If you have something at risk, you think differently.

— Henry Kravis

#risk #something #think #you

But once you buy a company, you are married. You are married to that company.

— Henry Kravis

#company #married #once #you

I always like to refer managers in corporate America as the renters of the corporate assets, not the owners.

— Henry Kravis

#america #assets #corporate #corporate america #i

I love the ability to work with very good managers, and to provide the right incentives for them, and truly become a partner with that management, and make that management take a long view.

— Henry Kravis

#become #good #good managers #i #i love

I was an economics major in college, and every summer after school, I would drive my car from California, from Claremont men's college at the time, to New York. And I worked on Wall Street.

— Henry Kravis

#california #car #college #drive #economics

I've been in a hurry all my life. I've been in a hurry to succeed, and in a hurry to prove myself.

— Henry Kravis

#hurry #i #life #my life #myself

About Henry Kravis

Henry Kravis Quotes

Did you know about Henry Kravis?

9 billion he is ranked by Forbes as the 281st richest person in the world. In the following years Kohlberg and later Kravis and Roberts would complete a series of buyouts including Stern Metals (1965) Incom (a division of Rockwood International 1971) Cobblers Industries (1971) and Boren Clay (1973) as well as Thompson Wire Eagle Motors and Barrows through their investment in Stern Metals. Bush and John McCain.

Henry R. a private equity firm with over $62 billion in assets as of 2011. He mainly lives in New York City and has a residence in Palm Beach Florida.

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