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Herbie Mann

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Being stubborn has helped, being selfish is not a bad thing.

— Herbie Mann

#bad thing #being #being selfish #helped #selfish

You don't have to live the blues to play the blues.

— Herbie Mann

#live #play #you

When you get cancer, it's like really time to look at what your life was and is, and I decided that everything I've done so far is not as important as what I'm going to do now.

— Herbie Mann

#decided #done #everything #far #get

By the time I'm 90, I hope to have it together.

— Herbie Mann

#hope #i #time #together

For me Brazilian music is the perfect mix of melody and rhythm. It just bubbles rhythmically. If I had to pick just one music style to play if would be Brazilian.

— Herbie Mann

#brazilian music #bubbles #had #i #just

I always say, if you keep your head in the sand, you don't know where the kick's coming from.

— Herbie Mann

#coming #head #i #i always #keep

I had sat in one day in Central Park with Bonnie and Delaney, and Duane was playing with them, so I asked if he wanted to work on an album. You never had to say to him how to play the guitar.

— Herbie Mann

#asked #bonnie #central #central park #day

I loved the Brazilian music I played. But this is finally me. For the first time I think it's really me.

— Herbie Mann

#brazilian music #finally #first #first time #i

I recently formed a foundation to raise awareness for prostate cancer. I feel it's very necessary that men be more aware about prostate cancer and their health in general.

— Herbie Mann

#aware #awareness #cancer #feel #formed

Being selfish to me means that you have to look out for yourself and you don't have to sacrifice.

— Herbie Mann

#being selfish #look #me #means #out

About Herbie Mann

Herbie Mann Quotes

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Herbie Mann was born in Brooklyn New York to Jewish parents of Romanian and Russian descent. Following the 1969 hit album Memphis Underground a number of disco-style smooth jazz records brought criticism from jazz purists but allowed Mann remain active during a period of declining interest in jazz. "
Mann provided the music for the 1978 National Film Board of Canada animated short Afterlife by Ishu Patel.

". Early in his career he also played tenor saxophone and clarinets (including bass clarinet) but Mann was among the first jazz musicians to specialize on the flute and was perhaps jazz music's preeminent flautist during the 1960s. Herbert Jay Solomon (April 16 1930 – July 1 2003) known by his stage name Herbie Mann was an American jazz flautist and important early practitioner of world music.

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