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James Hillman

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Character forms a life regardless of how obscurely that life is lived and how little light falls on it from the stars.

— James Hillman

#jung #psychology #life

Love alone is not enough. Without imagination, love stales into sentiment, duty, boredom. Relationships fail not because we have stopped loving but because we first stopped imagining.

— James Hillman


We forget that the soul has its own ancestors.

— James Hillman

#forget #own #soul

Just stop for a minute and you'll realize you're happy just being. I think it's the pursuit that screws up happiness. If we drop the pursuit, it's right here.

— James Hillman

#drop #happiness #happy #here #i

I'm the result of upbringing, class, race, gender, social prejudices, and economics. So I'm a victim again. A result.

— James Hillman

#class #economics #gender #i #prejudices

All we can do when we think of kids today is think of more hours of school, earlier age at the computer, and curfews. Who would want to grow up in that world?

— James Hillman

#computer #earlier #grow #grow up #hours

It is impossible to see the angel unless you first have a notion of it.

— James Hillman

#first #impossible #notion #see #unless

I don't think anything changes until ideas change. The usual American viewpoint is to believe that something is wrong with the person.

— James Hillman

#anything #believe #change #changes #i

Sooner or later something seems to call us onto a particular path... this is what I must do, this is what I've got to have. This is who I am.

— James Hillman

#call #got #i #i am #later

If you are still being hurt by an event that happened to you at twelve, it is the thought that is hurting you now.

— James Hillman

#event #happened #hurt #hurting #now

About James Hillman

Did you know about James Hillman?

Hillman also rejects causality as a defining framework and suggests in its place a shifting form of fate whereby events are not inevitable but bound to be expressed in some way dependent on the character of the soul of the individual. Hillman does not believe that dreams are simply random residue or flotsam from waking life (as advanced by physiologists) but neither does he believe that dreams are compensatory for the struggles of waking life or are invested with “secret” meanings of how one should live as did Jung. He died at his home in Thompson Connecticut in 2011 from bone cancer.

Jung Institute in Zurich founded a movement toward archetypal psychology and retired into private practice writing and traveling to lecture until his death at his home in Connecticut on October 27 2011. He studied at and then guided studies for the C.

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