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James Van Der Beek

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Being the lead of the show and working a lot of hours - all good stuff, a tremendous education, incredible opportunity, it changed my life - it was a marathon, and by the end of it I was pretty beat.

— James Van Der Beek

#being #changed #education #end #good

A lot of movies you do because they're fun, they make people forget about their day.

— James Van Der Beek

#because #day #forget #fun #lot

Don't ever put anything past kids. They will surprise you in the best ways.

— James Van Der Beek

#best #ever #kids #past #put

I always show up to work and give it everything, and some things turn out better than others - and some things you can expect that it will come out better than others.

— James Van Der Beek

#better #come #everything #expect #give

I can intellectualize myself out of anything.

— James Van Der Beek

#i #i can #myself #out

I love New York City. Everyone is busy with their own lives - and no one is interested in some Hollywood celebrity walking past in downtown Manhattan.

— James Van Der Beek

#celebrity #city #downtown #everyone #hollywood

I was dyslexic, so math and formulas were not necessarily my strong suit.

— James Van Der Beek

#formulas #i #math #necessarily #strong

I'm not about to talk about what's romantic in my life - I figure if you talk about it once - then that's an open invitation for everyone to dig into your personal life even further.

— James Van Der Beek

#dig #even #everyone #figure #further

I'm pretty much your average, energy-saving-light-bulbs-recycling citizen.

— James Van Der Beek

#citizen #i #much #pretty #your

I think anybody with an insecurity, which is everyone, appreciates the fact that it's much easier to be a predator than it is to be prey.

— James Van Der Beek

#appreciates #easier #everyone #fact #i

About James Van Der Beek

James Van Der Beek Quotes

Did you know about James Van Der Beek?

Van Der Beek won the title role of "Dawson Leery" and the show's 1998 debut was a success that helped to establish the network and its cast which included Katie Holmes Michelle Williams and Joshua Jackson. Since 2008 he has also had a recurring role on One Tree Hill. He performed at the Vineyard Theater in New York in Nicky Silver's play My Marriage to Ernest Borgnine and he played a supporting role in the independent film Cash Crop which was originally shot in spring of 1997 and originally titled Harvest until released in 2001.

(born March 8 1977) is an American television film and stage actor mainly known for his portrayal of Dawson Leery in The WB series Dawson's Creek and for portraying a fictionalized version of himself on the ABC sitcom Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23. He is also famous for his website which includes Van Der Beek himself acting out famous internet memes.

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