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Jhonen Vasquez

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Nothing quite brings out the zest for life in a person like the thought of their impending death

— Jhonen Vasquez


I don't do my work for any kind of group in particular, except for hobos, who just plain kick ass and light up my life.

— Jhonen Vasquez


One day I will rule the world with a goat by my side!

— Jhonen Vasquez


Why does this person who is sitting behind a desk and never watches cartoons is arguing about what cartoons should be like. Its so creepy realizing that this person is a lunatic.

— Jhonen Vasquez

#arguing #behind #cartoons #creepy #desk

After doing Johnny I wanted to just do something, I wouldn't say innocent, but to not have any care in the world. Lots of setups and horrible happenings but its funny.

— Jhonen Vasquez

#any #care #doing #funny #happenings

All the power to them but I'm not interested in making yet another show that looks like some other show.

— Jhonen Vasquez

#i #interested #like #looks #making

At this very moment I'm behind on a compilation that Slave Labor is doing for Free Comic Book Day.

— Jhonen Vasquez

#book #comic #comic book #compilation #day

But now I have a lot of little kids who watched Invader Zim whenever they could find it on television.

— Jhonen Vasquez

#find #i #invader #kids #little

Ever since I'm done with Zim everyone thinks that I'm going to go back to comics. I've been flooded with emails asking me if I'm working on the new Johnny over and over again.

— Jhonen Vasquez

#asking #back #been #comics #done

I don't want little kids reading my comics.

— Jhonen Vasquez

#i #kids #little #little kids #reading

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Jhonen Vasquez Quotes

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5 of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: a large monster is shown bursting through a wall arms and hands flailing tentacles sweeping through the air. Simons also worked with Vasquez on the coloring seen in his two-issue comic I Feel Sick. Thus I tried to create the worst abomination of a comic that I could so as to make her not want comics anymore.

Jhonen C.

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