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Latrell Sprewell

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And for the first time in a long time, I'm playing along somebody that has that same energy and fire and plays pretty much the same way I do. So, that was just nice to say.

— Latrell Sprewell

#energy #fire #first #first time #i

Fortunately for me I was able to do well here, and it really did great things for my career and now hopefully I can go out there and continue to do what I did.

— Latrell Sprewell

#career #continue #did #fortunately #go

I definitely think that myself and Sam will help the Timberwolves.

— Latrell Sprewell

#help #i #myself #sam #think

I just meant as far as coming to the games on time; it was just like I was under the microscope, every little thing, it was like they were looking for me to come in here with my shoes untied.

— Latrell Sprewell

#come #coming #every #far #games

I know just one thing is those guys, KG and everyone, they're hungry. They want it bad. Sam's the only one that's had that, has the ring. Other than him, everybody else over there, we want it bad.

— Latrell Sprewell

#else #everybody #everybody else #everyone #guys

I love New York. A part of me will always be here. What can I say.

— Latrell Sprewell

#here #i #i love #love #me

I think it'll be an emotional day. It'll be exciting for me, mostly it'll be exciting for them. I'm not going to get to come here a lot, so, it'll be a special day, hopefully.

— Latrell Sprewell

#day #emotional #exciting #get #going

I think was able to do a lot of things here.

— Latrell Sprewell

#here #i #i think #lot #things

I'm 33 years old now. I really want that ring. I got a taste of it here.

— Latrell Sprewell

#here #i #now #old #really

I'm still going to have to go out and score, but defensively hopefully I can make them a little bit better.

— Latrell Sprewell

#bit #defensively #go #going #hopefully

About Latrell Sprewell

Did you know about Latrell Sprewell?

" Several days later Gist said that Sprewell planned to wait until "teams get desperate" around the trade deadline in February and then sign with a contending team (an eventuality that never materialized). He landed a glancing blow at Carlesimo's right cheek before being dragged away again by the assistant coaches. In a 1993 practice Sprewell fought with Byron Houston who was 50 pounds heavier than Sprewell and had what many teammates describe as having a Mike Tyson-like demeanor and physique.

Since that time he has made headlines for grounding his million dollar yacht having two of his homes foreclosed upon and being prohibited from seeing his children. Latrell Fontaine Sprewell (born September 8 1970) is a former American professional basketball player; he played for the Golden State Warriors the New York Knicks and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Despite his accomplishments his career was overshadowed by a 1997 incident in which he choked coach P.

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