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Lee Ann Womack

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And I also have a camera, a Web cam, and I have one at home, so I can hook up and talk to the girls, and they can see me while we're on the bus in the middle of nowhere.

— Lee Ann Womack

#bus #cam #camera #home #hook

And I hate to see artists who are real safe. I love to see artists swing for the fences sometimes.

— Lee Ann Womack

#fences #hate #i #i love #love

And to me, I had come out of Texas, and during that time was when I realized that a lot of people in Nashville, their idea of what country music was was not the same as mine.

— Lee Ann Womack

#country #country music #during #had #i

But I'm also a music lover, and I'll always try a lot of different things.

— Lee Ann Womack

#always #different #different things #i #lot

Having that amount of nominations makes me a little nervous, because you feel that the bar is really high, the expectations are really high, but it also feels great.

— Lee Ann Womack

#amount #bar #because #expectations #feel

I came to town thinking that everybody had the same idea of what country music was that I did.

— Lee Ann Womack

#country #country music #did #everybody #had

I can see me continuing to make the best music I can, and let the chips fall where they may.

— Lee Ann Womack

#chips #continuing #fall #i #i can

I don't go out that much anymore, unfortunately. I used to enjoy it, but I'm just so busy. Like last night, everybody else went out, and I just went straight home and went to bed.

— Lee Ann Womack

#bed #busy #else #enjoy #everybody

I don't sing country music because I'm not capable of singing other kinds of music; I sing it because I think it's the most beautiful kind of music there is.

— Lee Ann Womack

#because #capable #country #country music #i

I think you can have moderate success by copying something else, but if you really want to knock it out of the park, you have to do something different and take chances.

— Lee Ann Womack

#copying #different #else #i #i think

About Lee Ann Womack

Lee Ann Womack Quotes

Did you know about Lee Ann Womack?

The other performers that night included Sara Evans and Larry Gatlin. Womack spent a few years raising her children before reentering the music business in the mid 90s. Her mother was a schoolteacher and her father was also a high school principal.

Lee Ann Womack (born August 19 1966 in Jacksonville Texas United States) is an American country music singer and songwriter who is best known for her old fashioned-styled country music songs that often discuss subjects such as cheating and lost love. Additionally Lee Ann Womack has received five Academy of Country Music Awards five Country Music Association Awards and a Grammy Award.  1 on the Billboard Country Chart and the Top 15 of the Billboard Hot 100 becoming her signature song.

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