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Margaret Weis

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His love for her was a gift he gave her daily, expecting nothing in return. He walked at her side, his love for her a torch to guide her footsteps along the dark path she walked.

— Margaret Weis


great gandalfs ghost! if he had a ghost. i doubt it. he was such a snob...

— Margaret Weis

#ghost #zifnab #death

get back, get back! ill turn you into a piglet! ast a bula- no wait. that turns ME into a piglet!!

— Margaret Weis


you wouldn't happen to have a pipe and a bit of tobacco about, would- i heard that! gandalf enjoyed a good pipe! why do you think he's called gandalf the gray? it wasn't for the color of his robes

— Margaret Weis

#humor #smoking #zifnab #death

my dragon? save anybody? you must have have him confused with someone else- Smaug perhaps?...

— Margaret Weis

#smaug #zifnab #death

over protective? a butler in a grade- B movie? someones jewish mother? you got it

— Margaret Weis

#humor #zifnab #death

Life like Stew!!!" -Gully Dwarf saying (Dragonlance)

— Margaret Weis

#inspirational #humor

Red Leader to Red One. Come in Red One!

— Margaret Weis

#zifnab #dating

Lizards that blend into the rock do so to catch flies.

— Margaret Weis


Pity, mercy, compassion." "Thats's all I'm afraid," said Alfred. "That is everything," said the phantasm.

— Margaret Weis


About Margaret Weis

Margaret Weis Quotes

Did you know about Margaret Weis?

She discovered heroic fantasy fiction while in college “I read Tolkien when it made its first big sweep in the colleges back in 1966. Career

TSR turned Weis down for the position of games editor but they hired her as a book editor. ” "Project Overlord" grew into a trilogy of novels (Dragons of Autumn Twilight Dragons of Winter Night and Dragons of Spring Dawning from 1984–85) and 15 linked modules and it got a new name: Dragonlance.

Margaret Edith Weis (born March 16 1948 in Independence Missouri United States) is a fantasy novelist who along with Tracy Hickman is one of the original creators of the Dragonlance game world and has written numerous novels and short stories set in fantastic worlds.

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