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Martina McBride

Read through the most famous quotes from Martina McBride

A statue stands in a shaded place An angel girl with an upturned face A name is written on a polished rock A broken heart that the world forgot

— Martina McBride

#death #songs #death

Through the wind and the rain She stands hard as a stone In a world that she can't rise above But her dreams give her wings And she flies to a place where she's loved Concrete angel

— Martina McBride


I always have apples and fruit in the house. It's easier to eat something healthy if it's within reach. I also have yogurt, cheese and crackers, and raw almonds.

— Martina McBride

#always #apples #cheese #crackers #easier

I am happy that women can relate to my songs, and hopefully men can too.

— Martina McBride

#happy #hopefully #i #i am #i am happy

I believe everything in moderation. But breakfast is important. I have two hard-boiled or scrambled eggs with whole-wheat toast and try to get some fruit in there.

— Martina McBride

#breakfast #eggs #everything #everything in moderation #fruit

I can't be the big star in the family. We have a family, and we are all equal.

— Martina McBride

#big star #equal #family #i #star

I do yoga, lunges, crunches, things like that for 40 minutes twice a week. For cardio I usually do the elliptical, treadmill or walking.

— Martina McBride

#i #i do #like #minutes #things

I definitely feel a difference about my place in the industry. I feel like I have some longevity now.

— Martina McBride

#definitely #difference #feel #i #i feel

I feel like it's important to use this gift God gave me, my life and my career to do something to make the world a better place. It's an easy thing for me to do.

— Martina McBride

#better place #career #easy #easy thing #feel

I always thought it would have been fun to spend an evening with Patsy Cline - just because I think she was really fun and interesting. I think you'd have a really good time with her.

— Martina McBride

#because #been #evening #fun #good

About Martina McBride

Martina McBride Quotes

Did you know about Martina McBride?

She also sang a guest vocal on Jason Sellers' mid-1998 single "This Small Divide". Martina began performing with a local rock band The Penetrators in Wichita instead. "How Far" and "God's Will" from the same album both made top 20 at country radio as did her guest appearance on Jimmy Buffett's single "Trip Around the Sun".

McBride was signed to RCA Records in 1991 and made her debut the following year as a neo-traditionalist country singer with the single "The Time Has Come. " Over time Martina McBride developed a pop-styled crossover sound similar to that of Faith Hill and Shania Twain and has had a string of major hit singles on the Billboard country chart and occasionally on the adult contemporary chart. S.

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