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Nellie Bly

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Could I pass a week in the insane ward at Blackwell's Island? I said I could and I would. And I did.

— Nellie Bly

#could #did #i #insane #island

I always had a desire to know asylum life more thoroughly - a desire to be convinced that the most helpless of God's creatures, the insane, were cared for kindly and properly.

— Nellie Bly

#asylum #cared #convinced #creatures #desire

It is only after one is in trouble that one realizes how little sympathy and kindness there are in the world.

— Nellie Bly

#how #kindness #little #only #realizes

I always made a point of telling the doctors I was sane, and asking to be released, but the more I endeavored to assure them of my sanity, the more they doubted it.

— Nellie Bly

#asking #assure #doctors #doubted #endeavored

I had looked forward so eagerly to leaving the horrible place, yet when my release came and I knew that God's sunlight was to be free for me again, there was a certain pain in leaving.

— Nellie Bly

#came #certain #eagerly #forward #free

I had never been near insane persons before in my life, and had not the faintest idea of what their actions were like.

— Nellie Bly

#been #before #faintest #had #i

I have watched patients stand and gaze longingly toward the city they in all likelihood will never enter again. It means liberty and life; it seems so near, and yet heaven is not further from hell.

— Nellie Bly

#city #enter #further #gaze #heaven

I shuddered to think how completely the insane were in the power of their keepers, and how one could weep and plead for release, and all of no avail, if the keepers were so minded.

— Nellie Bly

#completely #could #how #i #insane

I took upon myself to enact the part of a poor, unfortunate crazy girl, and felt it my duty not to shirk any of the disagreeable results that should follow.

— Nellie Bly

#crazy #disagreeable #duty #enact #felt

On the wagon sped, and I, as well as my comrades, gave a despairing farewell glance at freedom as we came in sight of the long stone buildings.

— Nellie Bly

#came #comrades #despairing #farewell #freedom

About Nellie Bly

Nellie Bly Quotes

Did you know about Nellie Bly?

"Positively demented" said one "I consider it a hopeless case. She refused to go to bed telling the boarders that Nellie Bly was afraid of them and that they looked crazy. Other recognition
In 1998 Nellie Bly was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.

In addition to her writing Nellie Bly was also an industrialist and charity worker. She remains notable for two feats: a record-breaking trip around the world in emulation of Jules Verne's character Phileas Fogg and an exposé in which Nellie Bly faked insanity to study a mental institution from within.

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