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Nick Nolte

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If you feel you have a film that's valid, you stick your ass on the line.

— Nick Nolte

#feel #film #line #stick #valid

Now, there is always a tremendous fear of science and progressing forward into areas of the unknown and it is a valid fear. Some of the genetic alterations of food are a little edgy.

— Nick Nolte

#areas #edgy #fear #food #forward

We truly have an ancient part of the brain that was about survival when we were prey but we seem to have gone past prey. We eat everything and nothing eats us.

— Nick Nolte

#ancient #brain #eat #eats #everything

When you are making the one you are doing, you think it is the greatest film going. And then you do another one and it is a great film.

— Nick Nolte

#doing #film #going #great #greatest

About Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte Quotes

Did you know about Nick Nolte?

A young officer asked Nolte if he could take a Polaroid of him. On October 3 2007 his longtime partner Clytie Lane gave birth to their daughter Sophie Lane Nolte. In 1973 he appeared in Lorne Greene's ABC crime drama Griff in the episode "Who Framed Billy the Kid?" in the role of Billy Randolph a football player accused of murder.

(1982) Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986) Another 48 Hrs. His films include The Deep (1977) 48 Hrs. (1990) The Prince of Tides (1991) Cape Fear (1991) Lorenzo's Oil (1992) Affliction (1997) The Thin Red Line (1998) The Good Thief (2003) and Warrior (2011).

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