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Norman Mailer

Read through the most famous quotes from Norman Mailer

Writer’s block is only a failure of the ego.

— Norman Mailer

#writing #humor

There is no greater impotence in all the world like knowing you are right and that the wave of the world is wrong, yet the wave crashes upon you.

— Norman Mailer


Any war that requires the suspension of reason as a necessity for support is a bad war.

— Norman Mailer

#common #communism #democracy #philosophy #radical

One thing I've learned in all these years is not to make love when you really don't feel it; there's probably nothing worse you can do to yourself than that.

— Norman Mailer


The only faithfulness people have is to emotions they're trying to recapture

— Norman Mailer


If a person is not talented enough to be a novelist, not smart enough to be a lawyer, and his hands are too shaky to perform operations, he becomes a journalist.

— Norman Mailer

#enough #hands #his #journalist #lawyer

Harsh words live in the dungeon of the heart

— Norman Mailer


Love was love, one could find it with anyone, one could find it anywhere. It was just that you could never keep it. Not unless you were ready to die for it.

— Norman Mailer

#norman-mailer #stephen-rojack #dreams

I wonder, said the Lord I wonder if I know the answer any more.

— Norman Mailer

#god #jesus #jesus-christ #lord #death

Men who work at Time have a life expectancy which is not long said the young man from Newsweek

— Norman Mailer

#time #time-magazine #death

About Norman Mailer

Norman Mailer Quotes

Did you know about Norman Mailer?

The Castle in the Forest was awarded a Bad Sex in Fiction Award by the Literary Review magazine. He publiNorman Mailerd 11 novels over a 59-year span. "
The book was also enormously successful selling more copies than any of his works except The Naked and the Dead.

In addition to the Pulitzer Prize Mailer's book Armies of the Night was awarded the National Book Award. Norman Kingsley Mailer (January 31 1923 – November 10 2007) was an American novelist journalist essayist playwright film maker actor and political candidate.

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