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Ornette Coleman

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Actually, when I was in elementary school, I saw a saxophone. A band came to my school, and I saw this guy get up and play this solo. And I said, 'Oh man, what is that! That must be fantastic!'

— Ornette Coleman

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I decided, if I'm going to be poor and black and all, the least thing I'm going to do is to try and find out who I am. I created everything about me.

— Ornette Coleman

#am #black #created #decided #everything

It was when I found out I could make mistakes that I knew I was on to something.

— Ornette Coleman

#found #i #knew #make #mistakes

Actually, I have another record I made with them in 1976, but I've had such a bad experience with record companies, because I keep my head so much in music and not in business.

— Ornette Coleman

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All the things that human beings suffer from are how their environment treats them, and how the elements of their planet affects their mind and body - like radiation, cancer, and all.

— Ornette Coleman

#beings #body #cancer #elements #environment

I don't really live like a musician myself. I think music is just something that I do, but I'd like to be doing lots of other things. I like to cure all kinds of illness.

— Ornette Coleman

#doing #i #i do #i think #illness

I had a really good time in New Orleans, although I had some very tragic times in Baton Rouge. Some guys beat me up and threw my horn away. 'Cause I had a beard, then, and long hair like the Beatles.

— Ornette Coleman

#away #baton #beard #beat #beatles

I mean, if you decided to go out today and get you an instrument and do whatever it is that you do, no one can tell you how you're going to do it but when you do it.

— Ornette Coleman

#get #go #going #how #i

I think that those elements - light and sound - are beyond democratic. They're into the creative part of life.

— Ornette Coleman

#creative #democratic #elements #i #i think

If you decide you want to be treated good, and you treat someone else good, or you want to learn something, it's information. It's getting the right, good information.

— Ornette Coleman

#else #getting #good #information #learn

About Ornette Coleman

Ornette Coleman Quotes

Did you know about Ornette Coleman?

Electric guitars were prominent but the music was at heart rather similar to his earlier work. A number of bassists and drummers (including Haden Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones) appeared and Dewey Redman joined the group usually on tenor saxophone. I think he's jiving baby.

Coleman's timbre is easily recognized: his keening crying sound draws heavily on blues music. He was one of the major innovators of the free jazz movement of the 1960s.

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