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Picabo Street

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A lot of women don't know how to vent and deal with emotions.

— Picabo Street

#emotions #how #know #lot #vent

But to personally satisfy my own adrenalin needs, I've been racing cars a little bit, which has been fun.

— Picabo Street

#adrenalin #been #bit #cars #fun

There were mornings when I just didn't want to get out of bed. But once again, I'm in an adverse situation and having to deal with something new and learn how to do it.

— Picabo Street

#again #bed #deal #get #having

I've made a promise to myself to be a 100% healthy person if nothing else.

— Picabo Street

#else #healthy #healthy person #i #made

Every once in a while I run the Olympic downhill in Japan in my head. I think of how the energy is going to flow and then I make it all work for myself.

— Picabo Street

#energy #every #flow #going #head

Here at the house, I've been decorating it and getting it organized. My best friend moved in in October so I've been getting her settled. She's my personal assistant now.

— Picabo Street

#been #best #best friend #decorating #friend

I don't know if it's just me or everyone, but the whole vibe with skiing is not so much thriving on competition against others as it is against myself and the clock.

— Picabo Street

#clock #competition #everyone #i #just

I don't look at it like that's my rival and I have to beat her. It's more like, I have to ski this as fast as I can and the fastest of everyone out here and that's what I expect.

— Picabo Street

#everyone #expect #fast #fastest #her

I donate money to the existing foundation that funds the US Ski Team kids.

— Picabo Street

#existing #foundation #funds #i #kids

I wasn't losing my focus but I was getting tired of focusing. What I was focusing on was becoming too routine, too ritual, not something that was interesting, new and exciting.

— Picabo Street

#exciting #focus #focusing #getting #i

About Picabo Street

Did you know about Picabo Street?

Picabo Street (/ˈpiːkəbuː/; born April 3 1971) is a former World Cup alpine ski racer from the United States. 1997–2002
In early December 1996 Picabo Street suffered a knee injury in training in Colorado after competing in just two races and sat out the remainder of the 1997 season. Street returned to ski racing in late 2000 and retired from international competition after the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah where Picabo Street finiPicabo Streetd 16th in the downhill.

Picabo Street (/ˈpiːkəbuː/; born April 3 1971) is a former World Cup alpine ski racer from the United States. She won gold medals in super G at the 1998 Winter Olympics and in downhill at 1996 World Championships along with three other Olympic and World Championship medals.

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