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Rosanne Cash

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It is the people who scream the loudest about America and Freedom who see to be the most intolerant for a differing point of view.

— Rosanne Cash

#america #differing #freedom #intolerant #loudest

I am so sick of reading about another car bomb, another suicide bomber, another 10, 20, 30, 70, 100 people dead in a day, both Americans and Iraqis.

— Rosanne Cash

#am #another #bomb #bomber #both

The key to change... is to let go of fear.

— Rosanne Cash

#fear #go #key #let go

And I don't think that success is going to destroy me at this point in my life, like I used to think.

— Rosanne Cash

#going #i #life #like #me

And I kind of said to myself if I get my voice back I'm not going to take back the old anxiety about it and just focus on the limitations. I'm really going to enjoy it.

— Rosanne Cash

#anxiety #back #enjoy #focus #get

Because I was starting out in my 20's. I wanted to do it on my own. I didn't want to use my dad or have people say I was using him.

— Rosanne Cash

#dad #him #i #my own #out

Being in the studio is like painting, you know, you can really take your time, and try different things, and kind of go deep into it.

— Rosanne Cash

#deep #different #different things #go #into

But there's nothing that gives me more thrill than when I'm writing and a couplet works. I find the right rhyme, or it's just perfect. There's nothing that exciting.

— Rosanne Cash

#find #gives #i #just #me

Every person's every action has an effect.

— Rosanne Cash

#effect #every #person

I choose not to give energy to the emotions of revenge, hatred or the desire to subjugate.

— Rosanne Cash

#desire #emotions #energy #give #hatred

About Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash Quotes

Did you know about Rosanne Cash?

In addition to her own recordings Cash has made guest appearances on albums by Rodney Crowell Guy Clark Vince Gill Lyle Lovett Mary Chapin Carpenter Marc Cohn The Chieftains John Stewart Willy Mason Mike Doughty and others as well as children's albums by Larry Kirwan Tom Chapin and Dan Zanes and Friends. country chart singles "Ain't No Money" "I Wonder" and "It Hasn't Happened Yet". She began playing with Crowell's band The Cherry Bombs in California clubs.

The following year Cash ended her marriage and moved from Nashville to New York City where Rosanne Cash continues to write record and perform. She won a Grammy in 1985 for "I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me" and has received nine other Grammy nominations. Although Cash is often classified as a country artist her music draws on many genres including folk pop rock and blues.

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