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Scott Stapp

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I always believed in God and Christ, but I was in rebellion - trying to make my relationship with God fit into my life instead of making my life fit in with him. I was stubborn.

— Scott Stapp

#believed #christ #fit #god #him

And it took me, since I was 17 and left home, running from God, to now, as a 30-year-old man, when I honestly feel like I've come full circle and my heart's finally in the right place.

— Scott Stapp

#come #feel #finally #full #god

Creed was ended by egos and people wanting to do their own thing and poor decision-making.

— Scott Stapp

#decision-making #egos #ended #own #people

Creed's sound is my sound.

— Scott Stapp


I just hope it grows into where it was before because I want my son to see it. I want him to have a positive memory of it going forward, so he can be proud of his daddy.

— Scott Stapp

#before #daddy #forward #going #grows

I was a Christian in Creed, but nobody ever asked me.

— Scott Stapp

#christian #creed #ever #i #me

I was emotionally and spiritually dried up, so I was just searching for God.

— Scott Stapp

#emotionally #god #i #just #searching

I was raised in a climate where I believed in God because I was afraid of going to hell - and I didn't think that was the right way to fall in love with somebody.

— Scott Stapp

#because #believed #climate #fall #god

I'd fired anyone who was involved with Creed. I didn't want anything to do with the music business. The entire press and industry hated me, so what was the point?

— Scott Stapp

#anything #business #creed #entire #fired

I'm still going to make mistakes, but I don't have any problems with publicly professing my faith now. It just took me a long time to get to the right place in my relationship with Christ.

— Scott Stapp

#christ #faith #get #going #i

About Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp Quotes

Did you know about Scott Stapp?

In an interview about the 45 minute tape Stapp said he did not believe oral sex was actual sex. He was temporarily replaced by touring bassist Brett Hestla with Tremonti handling the bass parts in the studio. On August 8 2008 he posted an acoustic version of "Broken" which was on his previous record.

He is also the lead vocalist and lyricist of the rock band Creed of which he is a founding member. Stapp has received several accolades including a Grammy Award for Creed's song "With Arms Wide Open" and numerous RIAA certifications.

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